élan is 100% Skater Owned and Operated. EST 2002


élan uses the best quality decks made by a leading manufacturer.

Pressed in Mexico using only the best quality veneers and glue to keep your board better for longer and with more pop.

élan decks are also available as REDLINE Decks.

All élan decks are proudly printed in Australia by Clowd Distribution.


Comes in a heap of shapes and sizes including REDLINE...

Clowd Distribution developed Redline through extensive testing of different veneer and fiber layups, resulting in a unique, superior product not available from any other brand or supplier. Redline Decks are thinner than a traditional 7 ply deck, yet are still MUCH STRONGER.

The Carbon Fiber top layer gives the board additional strength as well as keeping it stiffer and making the pop last for the lifetime of the deck. That’s JUST THE BEGINNING. Redline features even more technology throughout the deck and incorporates a custom veneer layup to help reduce the weight.

DON’T BE FOOLED. Some brands are passing off black fibreglass as Carbon Fiber. Not only is it false advertising, but the different fibers also react differently. We only use the real deal and have done our own development on Redline decks to bring you the best product possible.


price is inclusive of grip tape and shipping!

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